Throughout life, 9 out of 10 Americans will experience some degree of back pain. Back pain is second on the list of lost work time!

Every single body is different, and at Pacific Neuro Therapy, our physical therapists assess your injury with a unique and progressive approach. Whether you are unable to leave your bed, or want to get back to running marathons, our program is designed to treat the origin of what is causing the pain (usually a group of muscles that is no longer absorbing force) and retraining that area to absorb force beyond what was previously thought capable.

The way in which we eliminate pain does not require pain medicine, and we are strongly opposed to them, as it only masks the pain. We aim to eliminate the need for extraneous tools such as back braces and canes, as your body is meant to be able to support itself, without compensation. While some journeys to recovery are longer than others, our ultimate goal is for you to perform the activities you enjoy pain free.