Working at Pacific Neuro Therapy

The Team at Pacific Neuro Therapy is dedicated to creating a healthier, happier and injury-free community. With health and wellness at the forefront, making sure each patient can enjoy the active lifestyle they deserve is imperative. As we continue to grow our team, brand and patient load, we strive to build a team of athlete mindset, active lifestyle and fitness oriented individuals. We work with current athletes from high school to professional, as well as CrossFit competitors, Orangetheory Fitness enthusiasts, and weekend warriors. Being able to relate to the needs of these patients is important to ensure they're getting the best care available in the area. If you're interested in becoming a part of Team PNT, let's get in touch and see if it's a fit! For more information, select from the options below.

For Student Physical Therapists
We’re constantly seeking students with strong athletic backgrounds that are seeking to gain experience working with athletes and active adults. We typically take on 3rd year students for clinical rotations, but are also open to having 2nd year students. Students will also have the opportunity to learn more on social media and email marketing strategies, DEXA Scans and the mindset of an elite athlete. To inquire about your next rotation, contact us.
For Physical Therapists
We’re always looking for new talent! Our clinic is run with an athlete mindset, cultivating a team and collaborative environment. We seek to provide the best care to our patients, and look for therapists that have an ability to connect and build rapport quickly. As we continue to grow, we have opportunities for PTs to be elevated to managing clinics. We also offer competitive pay, not just compared to the median pay for Portland, but nationally. Our physical therapists are offered compensation for people they bring in the door as well as total revenue. Inquire directly with our Clinical Director, Kellen Mastrud.
Other Positions
We’re constantly growing and adapting to our environment to remain a leader in healthcare, wellness and fitness. As we add more offerings to our lineup, increase patient loads, and expand clinic locations, we continue to offer a variety of internship opportunities. Positions will be posted below, but if you’re seeking to be a part of our team, contact us to get the conversation started and see if it’s a fit. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

Interested in Joining Our Team?