How We Improve Corporate Wellness

Healthier, happier employees lead to a more productive organization. We provide unique and custom corporate wellness solutions to make sure your team, division and company are performing at optimal levels. We work with companies of all sizes in all fields to promote an active and healthy culture where employees can thrive, pain free.

Lunch & Learn

We provide lunch and learn seminars that can be as condensed into 15 minutes or more in depth, lasting up to an hour and a half. We’ve covered topics related to injury prevention, chronic pain treatment, nutrition, sports therapy, bone density and osteoporosis awareness. The most common topic of discussion is delivered from Pacific Neuro Therapy CEO and former NFL Tight End, Jeron Mastrud, highlighting 5 Tips to Decrease Risk of Injury - a perfect learning opportunity for your active workforce.

DEXA Onsite

The best part about our DEXA Scan offering is that it’s mobile! We can bring the Gold Standard in bone density and body composition analysis right to the front of your company. Organizations such as The Oakland Raiders, Oregon Ducks and Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) all utilize the DEXA Scan for their employees, athletes and to remain on the forefront of medical research.

Immediately following the 10 minute scan, each participant will receive a 3 page breakdown highlighting lean tissue, fat tissue, visceral fat, bone density and comparison between each limb to assess imbalances. LEarning these measurements early can help prevent severe health issues like cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and osteoporosis. Reverse a negative health trend before it’s too late and provide your organization with rapid, precise and comprehensive analysis that is used by the best.

Company Benefit

As we continue to grow, so do our relationships. Healthcare is never thought of as a hassle-free industry, but we’re working to change that. At Pacific Neuro Therapy, we seek to develop relationships with companies that value health and wellness. Our physical therapy services are covered by insurance and we’re an in-network facility with most major providers. Along with coming to your organization, we can be an immediate resource for your employees as soon as they experience an injury or develop a chronic pain. It’s always best to eliminate a problem before it gets worse, and leads to pricey worker’s compensation claims, productivity loss or turnover. We maintain availability for our valued corporate relationships and can see your employees within 48 hours or less.

Get Started

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