Get Relief Starting From Day 1

Most places expect to see gradual results over weeks or even months. At Pacific Neuro Therapy, we set ourselves apart from others by expecting relief right away after the first visit. Whether you sprained your ankle in a basketball game the night before, pulled your hamstring in a workout earlier in the day, or have had years of chronic pain, we expect you to feel at least a 25% decrease in pain, inflammation and increase in range of motion. If you’re tired of subpar results and feeling like there’s no end in site, get in touch with us to schedule your initial evaluation here. If you’d like to learn more on how we get results so quick and what it’s like working with us, click here

We’re all about getting you back in action and enjoying the active lifestyle you love. Whether it’s competing in high school athletics, the NFL, or a recreational activity, we want to help you meet those goals as fast as possible. Our treatment programs are unique in many ways, and are always custom tailored to the injury or chronic pain you’re experiencing. We like to see our patients more frequently for best, quickest and lasting results. This allows for faster progress to be made from visit to visit and for you to get back to what you love much sooner than expected. What are you waiting for? Get in, become pain free, and get back in the action!

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