Why PT for an auto injury?

While many injuries can be the result of a car accident, the most common is a whiplash injury to the neck region. The reason physical therapy is the best answer for whiplash is because we will assess the injury, determine the severity and work to alleviate the symptoms from the origin of the injury instead of masking it with painkillers and neck braces.

How soon can I receive physical therapy after a car accident?

It is recommended, and encouraged, to schedule an appointment with us within one week of the injury. Our treatment will ensure that you do not create compensation patterns, worsening the condition of your injury. With our specialized programs, we expect you get you back to full health in ⅓ of the time of traditional physical therapy.

Get in before permanent damage is done - Long term effects of whiplash

Nearly 1 out of 3 americans experience whiplash symptoms an average of 3 years after the initial incident. These symptoms are not confined to muscles, joints and ligaments. It becomes neurological after time, and this is where our approach is able to retrain your nervous system to eliminate compensations, elongate muscles and strengthen from the root cause of the injury rather than where the symptoms are.