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Cutting edge physical therapy catered to athletes of all abilities and active adults. Recovering from your injury doesn't need to be complicated or confusing - and it definitely doesn't have to be long! We highlight the different phases of the sports rehab and chronic pain recovery process, starting with the initial evaluation and ending with you back in action, full speed & pain free! Learn more about the physical therapy process here at PNT below.

Initial Evaluation
Your Physical Therapist will begin with a thorough assessment of past injuries & for the current injury at hand. An old injury in one part of the body can lead to an injury in a different part of the body when left untreated! Working 1-on-1 with the patient every treatment, the Physical Therapist will identify which exercises cause you the most pain. We will then set goals based on what you would like to return to, whether it’s a varsity sporting event, recreational hike, or professional sport, we’re ready to meet the demands of your lifestyle. Once caught up to speed, our PT will perform a scan of the area in question to identify the origin of the injury. For example, if you visit us for a shoulder injury, we will scan the entire arm, shoulder, and upper back. Rather than simply treating the symptoms of the injury, this scan will help us treat what is leading to the pain or what lead to the injury, allowing for more efficient and effective treatment. This will also help us eliminate compensation patterns and strengthening any deficient areas. In the initial evaluation alone, we expect you to experience a 25% decrease in pain, inflammation and increase in range of motion.
Moving Forward - Phase 1
Let’s get you moving properly free of pain! In the first phase of treatment, we will begin each session with an update from the previous visit and then perform another scan. We will scan around your pain or injury the first 4-5 visits to be sure we’ve addressed all of the areas that lead to your pain. Just because it was one area in the initial evaluation, it could be a different area moving forward. In most cases, patients have a variety of areas that need to be addressed one or multiple times. After the scan, we will coach you through a variety of exercises that will eliminate compensation patterns, increase range of motion, strength and balance. Certain muscles may also be under or overused. We will be sure to have all of the correct muscles performing optimally when they’re called upon to do a certain movement. This ensures that the body absorbs force correctly and keeps joints, ligaments, tendons and other muscles from being overloaded.
Return to Activity - Phase 2
During this phase of the treatment, we will build off of the progress made in the first 4-5 sessions. “You can’t run one mile and be in shape for an entire marathon”, is a phrase CEO Jeron Mastrud often states about the progress of a patient during these visits. Once ready, our physical therapists will work with you to increase your stamina and strength utilizing a variety of exercises and isometric holds. This process is imperative to ensure that when you return to activity, and begin to fatigue, your body doesn’t slip back into the old patterns that lead to the pain or injury that brought you into our office. After each of these sessions, we will begin to test the progress made and see how well your body is properly absorbing the force of the activity you love.
Strength, Proprioception & Fine Tuning - Phase 3
After you’re back to activity and feeling much better, we can work with you to keep building upon those weaknesses first identified in Phase 1 to ensure they don’t return. Along with continued targeting on weak areas, we will also build strength around the area of the injury and muscles that support it. We have very unique, sport or activity specific exercises in this phase that are custom tailored to you, how you move and what you’re goals are. Our team has an extensive background at the highest level of athletics and wants to see you at your best! Let’s Get Started - Contact Us to schedule your initial evaluation

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