Surgery Rehabiliation

The recovery process and physical therapy after surgery is crucial in long term recovery and overall health. With our approach, we can begin rehab the day you are out of the operating room, and decrease surgery rehabilitation by ⅔ the industry standard. From day one, we target the surgical incision points and accelerate blood flow exponentially so that the tissue can heal at a much faster rate with nutrient rich blood flowing to the area.

After one week of accelerated blood flow to incision points, flushing inflammation and swelling, we move to actively working the deficient muscles that have atrophied the most since the surgery. Throughout this process, we are constantly working to increase blood flow, heal the tissue and muscles around the injury weeks and months sooner than average.

Approximately 2 weeks to 1 month of muscle activation, accelerated blood flow and elimination of swelling, we can move to active range of motion (depending on the surgery). This is where you will experience a significant acceleration in recovery. As you actively work on the muscles in conjunction with electrical muscle stimulation, the nervous system learns at an exponential rate how to move properly and without compensation. We then begin with Treatment 1 and complete the entire treatment program once active movement is possible from the patient.