Pacific Neuro Therapy is involved in the Community!

The Pacific Neuro Therapy team is dedicated to improving the lives of others in the community.

CEO Jeron Mastrud was active at an early age with over 200 hours of community service in high school. Moving on to Kansas State, he was part of the Student Athlete Advisory Committee. A few community events he was a part of were mentoring troubled youth, raising money for Adopt An Angel and helping run the Special Olympics events. Moving on his professional career, he has always been a part of holiday giving events to make sure families have meals to enjoy on Thanksgiving and presents to open on Christmas.

Pacific Neuro Therapy has been a proud supporter of Southridge High School Football, Tigard Women’s Basketball, Scholls Heights Elementary School, Orangetheory Fitness, Portland Fit Body Boot Camp, Lorna Jane, Lake Oswego Invitational Track Meet, and the Autism Society of Oregon.
Pacific Neuro Therapy will continue to donate its resources in support of those around them to create a healthier, happier and active community. Contact PNT to be at your next event, speak at a workshop or create an informational series for your gym.

Want to get involved?